Frank Kozik

Frank Kozik with his cat Eddie

    Frank Kozik (1962 - 2023) was born in Madrid, Spain. As a teenager he moved to Sacramento, CA where he immersed himself in American pop culture. Muscle cars, comic books, and rock ‘n roll mixed with the darker, brutal childhood experience of growing up under Franco’s fascist dictatorship to form the foundation of his artistic iconography. 

    By 1984, Kozik was living in Austin, Texas. Punk Rock was taking off in the city's clubs and he started making flyers to advertise the shows. At first, he worked in the standard black & white photocopied format. Then, inspired by psychedelic posters from the sixties, he began to produce larger, more elaborate, full color silkscreen prints in signed, limited editions. By doing so, he is credited with single handedly elevating the concert poster to fine art status. 

    In the mid-nineties Kozik moved to San Francisco, CA and founded the legendary Man’s Ruin record label. Focusing on heavy stoner rock and experimental music, he designed all the artwork for the label and released many pivotal albums including the “Desert Sessions” series and the first Queens of the Stone Age record. 

    In 2002, Kozik shifted away from the music industry to the then emerging art form of designer toys, where again he was a pioneer at the forefront of a new art movement. In addition to his fine art work, he had a far reaching commercial career including being the Chief Creative Officer for KidRobot, directing Soundgarden’s “Pretty Noose” video, designing his own Nike shoe, and creating an Absolut Kozik Vodka Ad.


    This website is run by the Kozik estate and four very opinionated Bengal cats.